• David Morgan, MBA, CCIM

    My Passion: A Relentless Pursuit of Excellence

  • “MBAs 50 years out have acquired so much talent, experience, and accomplishment, it's a terrible waste to put them ‘out to pasture’.”

    - Jack Smith, Wharton MBA ‘52


    I've had a multidisciplinary 50 year career, including

    • Industrial Sales & Marketing
    • Market Research and Competitive Monitoring 
    • Economic Forecasting
    • Advertising & Marketing Research
    • Crisis Management
    • Government & Stakeholder Relations
    • Environmental Compliance
    • Real Estate Portfolio Management
    • Commercial Real Estate Brokerage, including Advisory, Site Selection, Investment, Leasing, and Sales.

    Deer Bay Advisors is a consultancy with over twenty years of experience in developing sales and marketing programs, and specific niche expertise in development of environmental management programs in the tire and rubber industry.

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  • CCIM: Certified Commercial Investment Members

    Recognized Leaders in Commercial Real Estate

    Giving Back

    Andrew Carnegie, the great 19th Century industrialist, said:

    • In the first Third of your life - LEARN all you can
    • In the second Third, EARN all you can
    • In the final Third of your life - give all the money away, to worthy causes. 

    After a long corporate career, I came to CCIM in 1999, and earned my designation in 2006. My version of Carnegie’s advice has been to make "Giving Back" my focus, as I ease towards retirement. To that end, I have willingly and generously given of my time and skill:

    • Been active in the CCIM Central Canada Chapter leadership team for the past 15 years
    •  Served 2 terms as Chapter President, in 2009 and 2010
    • Served as Chair, Candidate Guidance for the Chapter since 2007
    • Graduated from the Jay W Levine Leadership Development Academy in 2010
    • Served on the Chapter Activities Subcommittee and the Designation Committee
    • Elected Regional Vice President for Region 12 (Canada) for 2017
    • Confirmed by the Board of Directors of the CCIM Institute as a Life Member, 2019
  • Basecamp

    A place for "Not Knowing", and a place for thinking differently

    Chris Kutarna

    I read Chris Kutarna's book, Age of Discovery, in 2018 - and said to my wife, "This is the best book I've read in Fifty Years!"


    Just as the development of the printing press reduced the cost of communication and so sparked the Renaissance, the rise of Social Media has dropped communications costs again -- so get ready for another Renaissance!


    But in order to navigate the new world, we need new maps!

    And in order to climb a mountain, you need to start with a Basecamp!

    Basecampers are a diverse group of intelligent people with open, questing minds.

    • We start by admitting that we do not know the answers to the questions
    • Given the problems we can so easily see in the world, we wonder if the right questions have been asked
    • If we can re-frame the question, we might just arrive at a better answer. 


    Commercial Real Estate

    Sales Representative 

    2005 – 2019


    Licensed by the Real Estate Council of Ontario as a Real Estate Sales Representative, my focus from 2006 to 2019 was exclusively on commercial real estate transactions and support analysis. I worked in a number of Brokerages, primarily in the Greater Toronto Area. I network extensively with other commercial real estate professionals, and have close friends in the industry throughout North America, the Caribbean, Central and south America.

    CCIM Institute

    Life Member, CCIM Institute

    2020 - present


    Life membership in the Institute is granted to CCIM Designees for service to the Commercial Real Estate industry, both within the Institute and in Organized Real Estate at the local level, over a significant period of years.

    Regional Vice President, Region 12

    January - December, 2017


    CCIM Region 12 is comprised of the two Canadian CCIM Chapters. As RVP, I served as the conduit for information flowing both up and down between the CCIM Institute and the CCIM Chapters in Western and Central Canada. I worked closely with the two Chapter Leadership Teams, assisting them with Strategic Planning and other programs.


    Member, Designation Committee 

    2013 – Present


    The Designation Committee is charged with maintaining, improving and enforcing the 'rules' for granting the prestigious CCIM Designation to qualified Commercial Real Estate Practitioners. A special Work Group of the Committee is charged with revising the Handbook which guides Candidates who are about to submit a Portfolio of Commercial Real Estate Experience, one of the requirements to achieve the CCIM Designation. I also serve on the team which Reviews and Evaluates the Portfolios submitted by Candidates wishing to write the Comprehensive Final Exam.


    Member, Regional Activities Subcommittee

    January 2015 - December 2017


    The Regional Activities Subcommittee is comprised of the Regional VPs and the Regional 1st VPs.. Through regular telephone conference calls, and in person meetings twice a year, Regions share their best practices, initiatives and ideas for further development.


    Member, Chapter Activities Subcommittee

    – December 2011


    The Chapter Activities Subcommittee is part of the Member Services Committee. The President's Cup work-group revised, improved and streamlined the process whereby CCIM Chapters across North America report on their activities for the previous year, and submit their applications for the President's Cup competition


    CCIM Central Canada Chapter

    Chair, Candidate Guidance

    2007 - 2016, 2017 - present


    As Chair of Candidate Guidance, I work closely with Candidates as they prepare for the final Comprehensive Exam to achieve their Designation as CCIMs - Certified Commercial Investment Members. The CCIM Designation is recognized globally as the pinnacle of Commercial Real Estate Education and Achievement. One of the steps where I play a critical role is to review and endorse, on behalf of the CCIM Central Canada Chapter, the Candidate's Portfolio of Commercial Real Estate Experience. Having been a Portfolio Grader, I know what the Graders look for, and endeavor to ensure that there are 'no surprises' in the Portfolios submitted by "My Candidates".


    Chapter Leadership Team

    – 2017


    I've served on the Chapter Leadership team in various roles - Board Member, VP/President-Elect 2008-2009, Chapter President 2009-2011, Past President 2011-2012, The Central Canada Chapter of the CCIM Institute covers all of Canada east of the Ontario/Manitoba border. Although the Chapter is headquartered in Toronto, there are CCIMs in Northern Ontario, Southwestern Ontario, Eastern Ontario, and in Ottawa, Montreal, and the Atlantic provinces.

    Deer Bay Advisors


    – Present


    Deer Bay Advisors is a general and strategic management consultancy. Deer Bay also has specific expertise in scrap tire management programs.

    Toronto Regional Real Estate Board

    Member, Member Communications Committee

    – June 2013


    Member, Government Relations Committee

    July 2007 - June 2010


    Member, Commercial Division

    August 2005 - July 2013


    The Toronto Real Estate Board, with over 50,000 members, is Canada's largest Board

    Ontario Tire Stewardship

    Program Manager 

    – 2007


    Managed the initial phases of development of the Ontario Scrap Tire Management Program. Administered a major RFP to engage consulting team to develop a proposal for program detailed development and administration

    Goodyear Canada Inc.


    1980 – 2004


    "The most flexible and adaptable staff resource in the Company" - able to scoot up a learning curve faster than anyone else! 


    Corporate Planning, Economic Forecasting, Marketing Research, Environmental Affairs and Real Estate were some assignments successfully executed over 24 years with he Company.

    The Haughton Group


    – 1979


    Acted as the primary interface between sales and production, especially with regard to production scheduling for customer satisfaction. Profitability analysis of custom production orders, which resulted in developing a new price estimating manual for use by sales representatives.

    Brockhouse Canada Ltd.

    Marketing Manager 

    – 1977


    Researched new applications and new customer channels for roll formed steel profiles.

    Sonoco Limited

    Marketing Manager 

    1973 – 1976


    Responsible for all Sales and Marketing efforts for the Company's newly-developed line of chipboard partition packaging products. Tripled sales, reduced both raw material and in-process inventory, turned the new venture from an unprofitable start-up to a viable, ongoing business

    Consumers Glass Co. Ltd.

    Marketing Manager 

    – 1973


    Pricing and profitability studies, management of design development process for new glass containers.


    "Difficult" is easy - It’s more challenging, and more fun, to do the impossible!






    Real Estate

    Strategic Planning

    Environmental Management



    CCIM Institute

    Graduate, Jay W Levine Leadership Development Academy 2010 - 2010


    Activities: Was one of 18 Cadets selected to attend CCIM Institute's Jay W. Levine Leadership Development Academy, Awarded the Susan J. Groeneveld Scholarship.

    CCIM Institute

    CCIM Designee: Commercial & Investment Real Estate 2000 - 2006


    The CCIM Institute awards the CCIM (Certified Commercial Investment Member) Designation to Candidates who have fulfilled the education requirements, submitted an approved Portfolio of Commercial Real Estate Experience, and passed the Comprehensive Final Examination.

    Ryerson University

    Certificate in Environmental Management 1992 - 1996


    The Certificate Program in Continuing Education comprises 8 full courses at the advanced undergraduate level.

    University of Pennsylvania - The Wharton School

    MBA International Marketing 1967 - 1969


    Wharton used both lecture and case study methods - in contrast to HBS, which was exclusively case study. As Jim Gillies, the Dean of the Business School at York University said to me - "if your business experience is limited, then Harvard's case method would be like trying to learn Bridge by playing in tournaments." Wharton suited me better.

    Activities: * International Business Society, 1967 - 1969. * Wharton Graduate Emeritus Society, 2015 to Present

    University of Toronto

    Bachelor's Degree French and German 1963 - 1967


    Activities: University Collere at UofT, Inter-Faculty Water Polo Team

    University of Toronto Schools

     1956 - 1963


    UTS was founded in 1910 as one of the first "Lab Schools" in North America, dedicated to the education of students with high academic potential, and also serving as a location where students in the Faculty of Education could gain valuable classroom teaching experience.



    Neel Surendran CCIM

    Broker of Record at Cityscape Real Estate Ltd


    Lisa McDonald

    Mississauga Real Estate Sales Representative and Team Leader of The HeartNHomeTeam at Keller Williams Realty Solutions

    David was the Director in our Commercial Division, Keller Williams Real Estate Associates. David was a trusted resource for our commercial realtors - he is a wealth of knowledge and a person of high integrity - I would absolutely recommend David!


    Broker, Real Estate Succession Advisor - Sutton Group Incentive Realty Inc., Brokerage, Independently Owned and Operated

    David is one of the people I use to illustrate 'it's never too late'. David received his CCIM designation later in life and after his many years of personally heading up the real estate department for Goodyear Tire in Canada. David reminds us all, it isn't where we have been that is the story, it is where we are going. A very conscientious leader and a fan of people, a great gentleman to know and to work with.







    M: 647-227-3134

    Kitchener, Canada Area